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We receive donations daily at all our Family Thrift Stores and drop-off bins, as well as through scheduled truck pickups. We Do Our Most Good processing donations and getting them out on the sales floor for purchase by the public, our customers. Some items fit into the category of "Interesting Donations" because they are vintage or antique or historical or, well, interesting.  It's these items that will be highlighted on this page and will be available in our Family Stores for purchase.


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We hope you enjoy browsing our new "Interesting Donations" page and will follow our "Interesting Facts" blog.  Whatever your interest - a Repurposer, a Collector, an Admirer, a Thrifty Shopper - welcome!  Thank you for supporting our ministry here in Horry County!  The revenue from purchases at our Family Thrift Stores helps us feed and clothe families, counsel those hurting, send a child to summer camp or sponsor an after-school program student, assist in disaster response, and support our first responders.

We cannot do it without you! Thank you for shopping our Family Thrift Stores!

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