Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has greatly impacted the eastern parts of North and South Carolina. The Salvation Army is actively serving thousands of individuals who need food, water, and spiritual care.

Please consider donating to help us meet the tremendous need.

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When disaster strikes, we all want to help...

...but it can be hard to know how to have the most impact.

During the initial response, shipping clothes, food, and other materials from around the country is simply too difficult, especially if the local roads and infrastructure are damaged. That's why, financial gifts are always the best way to help in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

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Recent #Matthew Blog Posts

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We Have Your Back

04:21 PM • Saturday, October 15, 2016

As the flood waters from Hurricane Matthew have been relentless in Edgecombe County, Salvation Army officers, volunteers and staff have kept working harder to bring hope.

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Always Faithful

04:06 PM • Saturday, October 15, 2016

We knew Hurricane Matthew was coming. We watched as it blew through Haiti, into Florida, over Georgia, and into the Carolinas. We were praying, we were mobilizing and we were prepared.

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We're Havin' a Party!

10:37 AM • Friday, October 14, 2016

Can you imagine what it must be like for a child to have to stay at a temporary shelter, sleeping on cots, surrounded by strangers without any of the comforts of home? It can be hard for children to understand…

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He Sets Us Free

The idea that men and women can be free of their need for alcohol and drugs was foundational to General William Booth's vision for The Salvation Army. His heart broke for them. He committed his life and energy to helping redeem the lives of these people that he loved.

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Our Financial Track Record

The Salvation Army is well-known for making efficient use of the resources that are entrusted to us. Last year in the Carolinas, approximately 88 cents of every dollar spent were invested in our Corps Community Centers and Social Services programs — only 12 cents were spent on fundraising and management expenses. When you give, you can be sure that we are looking for the most effective ways to put your resources to work.

For more information, our annual report is available to read online or via a PDF download.

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Expenses for The Salvation Army of the Carolinas

Homeless man sleeping on sidewalk

"I've been homeless for two years and have nowhere else to go. Can you help me?"

Knowing that a sense of safety and security is critical to a person's well-being, in many communities, a core service of The Salvation Army is to provide housing and sheltering programs. When individuals are freed from concerns about their basic needs, they have more opportunity to thrive.

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Salvation Army Officer praying with woman

"I don't know what else to do except to ask for prayer and for help."

The Salvation Army grew from the passion of a Methodist preacher in London, England to a worldwide organization dedicated to providing for all of a person's needs including needs relating to growing in their faith. We believe that the prayers of those who cry out to God will be answered.

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Portrait of a woman

"I just need some
help to get back
on my feet."

Many of the people that we meet every day simply need help getting back on their feet. Some have fallen under difficult circumstances. Some have lost a job or a loved one. Some struggle with addiction. In all cases, we believe that all people deserve dignity, respect, and the opportunity for a second chance.

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