HeaderOctober 12th, 2016

Finding HOPE

When Hurricane Matthew devestated their South Carolina home, flooded the hotel they had evacuated to, and left them stranded in their car, Latrail, Timothy and their son TJ began searching for hope. 

After traveling for hundreds of miles in search of help; desperatly in need of dry clothes, food, and shelter, help seemed far away. Until they came to The Salvation Army of High Point.

They were welcomed with open arms, received plenty of food, clothing for their family, and are currently working with our case managers to find shelter until they can travel back home. Your generous donations allow us to lend a helping hand to families just like Latrail, Timothy, and TJ, everyday. Because of you, they found HOPE.


To continue helping families affected by Hurricane Matthew:

  • Donate Online: http://give.salvationarmyusa.org/hurricane_matthew
  • Donate By Mail: The Salvation Army PO BOX 1959 Atlanta, GA 30301.                                                                       Please designate ‘Hurricane Matthew’ on all checks
  • Donate By Phone: 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769)
  • Donate By Text: Text STORM to 51555 to receive a donation link for easy mobile giving