High Point Elk's Lodge Donation

High Point, NC (May 4, 2020) – Members of The High Point Elk’s Lodge presented The Salvation Army of High Point with a $2,150 check to continue helping local families during the impact of COVID-19.

“The High Point Elks Lodge knows that there are many people in our community that are experiencing hardship during this CODIV -19 Pandemic,” explains Tim Hight, High Point Elk’s Lodge President. “We are passionate about helping however we can. The High Point area Salvation Army shares that same passion and are actively involved with those in need. We know that this donation will help them in their efforts and will find its way to those in need.”

Locally, The Salvation Army of High Point has adapted programs and services to ensure that immediate needs of community members, including local men, women, children and families, have access to food, shelter, and desperately needed services. With a spike in requests over the last few weeks, and the anticipated increase over the next weeks, months, and potentially years, support from the High Point Elk’s Lodge and our community partners during this time is greatly appreciated to ensure that services are available to existing and new vulnerable populations.

“The Salvation Army continues to help OTHERS that are in crisis on a daily basis,” explains Major Gary Sturdivant, Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army of High Point. “We are able to become even stronger during the days that are more challenging because of people that care so much. I know the members of the Elks Lodge believe in Charity, Justice and Brotherly Love and they are definitely showing that through this wonderful gift. I am saying “Thanks So Much” on behalf of the people we are able to serve!”

To learn more about The Salvation Army of High Points response during COVID-19, please visit www.tsahighpoint.org.

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