Majors Gary & Beth Sturdivant Receive New Appointment

HIGH POINT, NC (April 23, 2020) --- Majors Gary & Beth Sturdivant will report to The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters in June to continue their ministry and work as Salvation Army Officers.

Moving to a new appointment is a way of life for Salvation Army officers. As dedicated pastors and leaders, Salvation Army officers serve wherever their skills are needed. The average appointment for a Salvation Army officer is 2-5 years, so when Majors Gary & Beth Sturdivant received a call from Salvation Army leadership saying they were selected to serve as Divisional Secretary’s at the Divisional Headquarters for North & South Carolina in Charlotte, North Carolina, it was heartbreaking, but they knew this was God’s plan for their ministry.

“Words cannot adequately express how thankful we are to have had the opportunity to serve and minister in the Greater High Point Community,” said Major Gary and Beth Sturdivant. “A City Leader told me the other day that my facial expressions, when I talk, even tells the story about how wonderful this place is - without me saying a word! These two years have flown by too fast. I have told everyone that High Point is the easiest appointment I’ve ever had because the employees, volunteers, community, media relations, advisory organizations, women’s auxiliary, donors, and several OTHERS are second to none! THANKS FOR LOVING US! I know you will love the new Majors as much or more than you LOVED and CARED for us.”

Majors Gary & Beth Sturdivant were ordained and commissioned as Salvation Army Officers at the Evangeline Booth College for Officers Training in Atlanta, Georgia in 1993. They love serving the Lord Jesus Christ through so many opportunities in The Salvation Army. Throughout their 25+ years of dedicated service, The Salvation Army has allowed them to serve in Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi and North Carolina.

The Sturdivant’s last day of service with The Salvation Army of High Point is Sunday, June 21st. Community members, donors, partners, and friends are invited to attend worship on their farewell Sunday beginning at 11:00am. Their service to the High Point Community has been tremendous and is greatly appreciated. The Salvation Army of High Point will receive its new officers, Majors Darrell & Deborah Kingsbury in late June. They bring many years of service to High Point, hailing from their most recent service in Conway, South Carolina.

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