Care Packages for the Elderly

Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent. Psalm 71:9

The Bible mentions many times that we are to respect and care for our elders. Though they may be grey, their knowledge and wisdom is something to be revered. The Bible instructs us to take care of the elderly, encourage them, and honor them – especially during these unprecedented times when the COVID-19 pandemic is greatly impacting the elderly and most vulnerable populations in our community.

So that’s exactly what we are continuing to do.

WATCH CARE PKG Video: “I feel happy, glad, blessed and thankful!"

For more than 17 years, The Salvation Army William Booth Garden Apartment’s primary mission has been to provide an affordable, safe, independent living community for seniors 62 and older. On a weekly basis, residents participate in support groups, birthday celebrations, social activities. On a normal day, this is a place where laughter is heard throughout the halls, and lifelong friendships are nourished.

However, when COVID-19 restrictions were set in place, all of these activities were forced to be cancelled, gathering among friends was limited, and fear began to creep in. That’s when William Booth Garden Apartment Manager, Annissia Baity decided it was time to bring sunshine back into the building and lift the spirts of the senior residents who were confined to their apartments.

“I wanted to be able to do something to help my residents because the end of the month was approaching, and I knew their food and toiletries were probably running low. I thought putting together a care package would hopefully help prevent the residents from having to leave to go to the store themselves,” explains Annissia Baity, William Booth Garden Apartment Manager. “My Pastor always talks about us ‘being the hands and feet of Jesus’ and I firmly believe that’s why I was placed here at William Booth Garden Apartments. There’s no better feeling than being able to help others.”

On Monday, March 30th, The Salvation Army of High Point staff came together to pack more than 78 care packages so each resident would have something to bring them joy even in the midst of uncertainty. Fruit cups, breakfast bars, candy, eggs, fresh fruit, toilet paper, toiletries, and other grocery items were packed into grocery bags, donated by Publix and Harris Teeter, and delivered to the doorstep of each apartment.

Upon finding her bag at the door, Zula, a William Booth Garden’s resident exclaimed, “I feel happy, glad, blessed and thankful! Thank you so much!”

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