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Meet The Salvation Army of High Point Staff!

Captain Jackson

"I received my call to service as a Salvation Army officer 18 years ago and I have never doubted that I am right where God wants me. At this point in my life I could not imagine finding happiness and fulfillment in doing anything other than serving God's people through The Salvation Army." ~ Captain Bobby Jackson

Captain N. Jackson

When I think of my calling, my thoughts go to the days of my teen years. The Salvation Army was my home away from home. I was loved, accepted, and encouraged to do my best. During my prayer time God said to me, "What I have given you, you must go and do this to others. Preach, teach, love, accept, and encourage others in my name." ~ Captain Natalie Jackson

Suzie Q.

"Working in the Finance Department, I get to see first hand what all the generous donations, grants or income from our Family Stores are used for. They fund our Social Services Programs, our Shelter, our Boys & Girls Club and the many programs that are available through our Salvation Army Church." ~ Susan Black, Chief Accountant

Carolyn Colvin

"I love being a part of The Salvation Army because of their concern for others. We are Christ's hands and feet, and I see this in action each day I am here. It motivates all that they do. I am thankful for that." ~ Carolyn Colvin, Office Manager

Twanna Craft

"I was working in Insurance until one day I prayed and asked God to do his will in my life. The next day I applied to work at The Salvation Army and now I've been here for 15 years. My motto: It's not about having a fancy job or a good paycheck, it's all about the ministry!" ~Twanna Craft, Shelter Manager

Teri Schick

"I feel very fortunate to be able to work where I get to see that each and every donation is used for the greater good of those we serve. Every dollar counts, and I get to see God's work in action almost daily." ~ Teri Schick, Accounting Assistant


I've been with The Salvation Army for 50 years. I just love being here and helping people." ~David Rhodes, Maintenance

Anna Louise

I like to give people hope. That's what The Salvation Army is always about!" ~Anna Louise McCormick, Corps Program

Judy Ramey

"I started working for The Salvation Army in January of this year and I feel so honored to be part of an organization that helps and cares for the well-being of others. I thank God for putting me here." ~ Judy Ramey, Receptionist


"I love working for The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of High Point because I have the opportunity to make a real, positive impact on the future of the youth in our community. I get to watch them learn and grow through creative programs and mentoring." ~ Amy Hudson, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club

Nancy Stewart

"I am pleased to be apart of The Salvation Army's William Booth Garden Apartments. The apartments offer safe, affordable, and independent housing for older adults. It's a great place to live and enjoy!" ~Nancy Stewart, William Booth Gardens Manager


"I love working for The Salvation Army because everything we do goes to a great cause. The motto is 'Doing The Most Good' and I can honestly say that we are doing the most good every single day. I enjoy helping people - Seeing them smile, makes me smile!" ~Ivanette Mickens, Store Manager - Family Store 2100 North Main Street, High Point


"Through my job at The Salvation Army of High Point, I have the opportunity to witness the uniqueness of blessings being offered and blessings being received bridging together!" ~ Monica French, Receptionist