Meet The Salvation Army of High Point Staff!

High Point Commanding Officers

Majors Gary & Beth Sturdivant

“Nothing could be finer than to live in High Point, North Carolina in the morning…”

People might get tired of hearing me sing this! We are so thrilled to “roll up our sleeves” and get involved here in this Community. We have already met so many great people from the day we arrived. My wife said, “It’s so nice to hear people that talk like us again…” I see Our Lord is doing amazing things in this Community and we are looking so forward to just continue to “Move the Mission” of Our Salvation Army Forward…We and everyone associated with The Salvation Army has the unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Men, Women and Children by introducing them to the LOVE and HOPE through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Office Manager

Carolyn Colvin

"I love being a part of The Salvation Army because of their concern for others. We are Christ's hands and feet, and I see this in action each day I am here. It motivates all that they do. I am thankful for that."

Contact: (336) 881-5412

Marketing & Development

"Everyday I am blessed to be able to share Christ with others, work with amazing people in the High Point Community, and fulfill The Salvation Army's mission of "Doing the Most Good!"

Contact: (336) 881-5436


Judy Ramey

"I started working for The Salvation Army in January of this year and I feel so honored to be part of an organization that helps and cares for the well-being of others. I thank God for putting me here."
Contact: (336) 881-5400

Contact: (336) 881-5400


Suzie Q.

"Working in the Finance Department, I get to see first hand what all the generous donations, grants or income from our Family Stores are used for. They fund our Social Services Programs, our Shelter, our Boys & Girls Club and the many programs that are available through our Salvation Army Church."
Contact: (336) 881-5430

Teri Schick

"I feel very fortunate to be able to work where I get to see that each and every donation is used for the greater good of those we serve. Every dollar counts, and I get to see God's work in action almost daily."
Contact: (336) 881-5426

Social Services & Family Shelter

"Working at the Salvation Army allows me to serve the despair and offer hope to the hopeless. It is important to recognize our assignment and treat it as a ministry."
Contact: (336) 881-5407

"I enjoy working for The Salvation Army because I believe in their core values, which also allows me to live up to them on a daily basis on and off the job."
Contact: (336) 881-5400

"As a life-long resident of the High Point area, I am proud to be part of an organization that assists our community in so many ways. I thoroughly enjoy serving as a staff member on the Social Services team - we strive every day to achieve the Salvation Army motto of “Doing The Most Good” by bringing help and hope to the clients we serve."
Contact: (336) 881-5414

"I was working in Insurance until one day I prayed and asked God to do His will in my life. The next day I applied to work at The Salvation Army and now I've been here 15+ years. My motto: It's not about having a fancy job or a good paycheck, it's all about the ministry!"
Contact: (336) 881-5420

Corps Programming

Anna Louise

"I like to give people hope. That's what The Salvation Army is always about!"
Contact: (336) 881-5440

Family Store


"I love working for The Salvation Army because everything we do goes to a great cause. The motto is 'Doing The Most Good' and I can honestly say that we are doing the most good every single day. I enjoy helping people - Seeing them smile, makes me smile!"
Contact: (336) 881-5422

Salvation Army Missions Specialist

"Growing up as a kid in The Salvation Army, I was able to benefit from programs that showed ,e people love me. God had blessed me to return that gift to the community of High Point."
Contact: (336) 881-5448

William Booth Garden Apartments

Annissia Baity

"I am blessed to be a blessing. I pray that I can make a difference in the lives of the residents at William Booth Garden Apartments everyday."
Contact: (336) 881-5450

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club


"I love working for The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of High Point because I have the opportunity to make a real, positive impact on the future of the youth in our community. I get to watch them learn and grow through creative programs and mentoring."
Contact: (336) 881-5406

"Children are our future, and many children do not realize just how important they are. Everyday, I strive to help the children in our club realize their full potential, help them think globally rather than just about the problems they may be facing on their own, and most importantly help them recognize their faith and spirituality. My goal is to help them get excited about their future and know that with GOD anything is possible."
Contact: (336) 881-5446