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2020 Annual Report
Serving Greater High Point, Archdale, Trinity, Sophia, and Jamestown since 1913.


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The work of The Salvation Army has always been focused on nourishing the spirits and the bodies of those whom we have the privilege to serve. Our founder, General William Booth, once observed, “You cannot warm the hearts of people with God’s love if they have an empty stomach and cold feet.” This holistic approach is fundamental to our service.

Among the people in our community that we interact with every day are those who are most vulnerable to the effects of illnesses like COVID-19. Often those with whom we work have limited access to resources such as health care or personal protective equipment (PPE). Throughout the past year, we have taken seriously the need to modify our approaches while continuing to serve those who need us.

Like you, we are hopeful for the day when these precautions are no longer necessary. Until then, we will continue to do all that we can to serve compassionately and safely.

Keeping Hope Alive

The Salvation Army is often the place where people come when they have nowhere else to turn. Soon after the pandemic began a Salvation Army officer received a call from an elderly woman who felt she was at the end of her rope.

“The lady had called one of our partner agencies, and she sounded very depressed,” the officer explains. “She told them she felt so alone, abandoned by her family, and that she believed only suicide would bring her relief.”

The agency first called the police to do a wellness check on her. The second phone call was to The Salvation Army, hoping that a visit and delivery of a food box would help.

“While trying to maintain social distancing, I didn’t intend to go inside her home,” she says, “but I could see what she desperately craved was human contact.”

She placed the food box on the lady’s table and sat a good distance from her just to have a chat.

“I prayed with her, and by the end of my time there she seemed much better. I told her that she was not completely alone—there are people who care for her and that she can reach out to us as many times as she needs.”

She also gave her The Salvation Army’s emotional and spiritual care hotline, 844-458-HOPE (4673), for her to call if she ever felt alone again. The hotline is staffed with trained emotional support employees to listen, to give comfort, and to pray with individuals who are feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

To this day, the officer checks in with her new friend daily to make sure that she never feels alone again.

“When this thing is over, I’m gonna give her the biggest hug!”

The thing that makes The Salvation Army unique is that we don't just meet a person's physical needs, we are here to meet their spiritual and emotional needs as well. Our locations have been in communities long before this pandemic started and will be there for many years later. We are always a phone call away for anyone in need.

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