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Our Mission

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Dear Friends,

No person should have to know what hunger feels like, to experience another night sleeping in the streets, or to explain to their children why there is no power at home. The Salvation Army is committed to helping those with the most need. We provide hope for families and individuals in crisis.

Individuals who come to The Salvation Army for help need more than food or shelter. Often, they are seeking spiritual support and comfort. In the pages of this annual report, you will read stories of people who came to The Salvation Army in their most challenging times. Your support and prayers help provide for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The programs of The Salvation Army in our community have only been possible with your generosity. Thank you. Your wonderful support has provided countless residents a tangible expression of God’s love.

God bless you,
Captains Timothy and Bethany Delaney

Services We Offer

  • Adult Program Services
  • Older Adult Services
  • Family Stores
  • Disaster Services
  • Housing/Residence Services
  • Worship Serivces
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Family Counseling Serivces
  • Youth Services
  • 20,186
    • Persons Served
  • 38,197
    • Meals Served
  • 2,634
    • Energy Assistance
  • 24,887
    • Lodging
  • 17,155
    • Toys & Gifts





Supported in part by the United Way

Keyvon's Story

Keyvon is a fun-loving eleven year old jokester who loves to make people smile. Unlike most children his age, he likes to keep everything neat and tidy. He even maintains a to-do list for all of the things he wants to complete each day. Watching him with his friends, he seems like a typical, carefree kid. You would never know that his home life is anything but typical.

One of seven kids, Keyvon serves as the mediator among his siblings when they’re home alone. His mother, a single-parent, works full-time with additional third-shift hours to help pay the bills. When The Salvation Army staff started noticing a behavior change in Keyvon’s siblings and mother, they called a family meeting. Keyvon spoke about many of the challenges. Together, the group came up with solutions, one being attending church as a family. A year later, the entire family still attends regularly. Keyvon’s father also joins them on many occasions and is becoming more present with the family.

For Keyvon, The Boys & Girls Club has been a stabilizing influence for more than half of his life. He has formed relationships with positive role models who have helped him with more than just homework. They have taught him important lessons about life and faith that will remain with him for years to come.

Keyvon has made lifelong friendships with the other children at the club. Regardless of the challenges each day might bring, he knows that his friends will always be there.

"I have a lot of friends that I see at the club. During the school year we do homework, have a snack, and then we play some activities. We play things like four corners and board games. It’s a lot of fun."

Kids Keyvon's age have dreams of being the next superstar. He can’t decide whether he would rather be a surgeon or a scientist. While so many children face challenges, the advantages that Keyvon has are a safe place to learn and grow and ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals.

He has the Boys & Girls Club.

Mike's Story

Growing up, Mike describes his childhood as “rather sheltered.” He spent a lot of time at church, playing games with friends after school and reading at home. His passion for books led Mike to aspire to become a writer from a very young age. After high school, he moved to New York and landed a job writing for a television show. Once that job ended, he was unable to find work and fell in with a tough crowd.

"I made some really bad choices," he explained. "But when I went to jail, I was determined to make changes and do something positive with my life."

After his release, Mike returned home to live with his family. He immediately enrolled in college, began volunteering at various organizations and found a job that enabled him to return living on his own. Mike worked to stretch his small income to coverthe bills but it wasn’t long before he found himself behind on his payments. Luckily, a friend told him about The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army’s crisis assistance program alleviated his current situation and also helped stabilize his finances. Mike was able to purchase his books for school and began a savings plan to better prepare himself for emergency situations.

"My life was headed for a downward spiral again but The Salvation Army never made me feel like a client or a charity case," Mike said. "I am so thankful."

Advisory Board Members

  • Lanny Huffman
    • Chairman
  • Robert Roach
    • Chairman Elect
  • Beth Whicker
    • Secretary
  • Sandy Austin
    • Treasurer
  • Tom Adkins
  • Will Arant
  • Wes Barkley
  • Roy Barnhardt
  • Larry Clark
  • Ann DeHart
  • Michelle Dickerson
  • Coy Hudson
  • Sherbia Jone
  • Steve Mast
  • David Parsons
  • Vance Patterson
  • Harold M. Rowe
  • Mike Ruddy
  • Gary Sain
  • Mervin Sealy
  • John Smith
  • Keith Stallings
  • John Teeter
  • Rev. Heather Wood Davis
  • Mayor Rudy Wright
    • Emeritus
  • Judy Shepler
    • Emeritus
  • Floyd Lucas
    • Emeritus
  • Bob Walker
    • Emeritus
  • Hoke Whisnant
    • Emeritus
  • Bill Barkley
    • Life Member
  • Rodger Bradford
    • Life Member