Worship Services

Sunday School

The Salvation Army adheres to the truths of the Bible. Lessons are taught from the Old and New Testaments, every Sunday beginning at 10:00am.

Holiness Meeting

This is the name given to the Sunday morning worship service. The emphasis is on how the Christian should live both in devotion to God and in service to mankind. Join us for worship every Sunday morning in our Chapel at 11:00am.

Bible Study

This is our Wednesday worship service centered around the application of God’s word to daily living. It is generally an informal meeting, and takes place at 6:00pm in the chapel.

Corps Cadets

This is a five year Bible and leadership course for young people grades 7 and up. Weekly lessons and monthly testing is required. You will find teenagers engaged in these weekly studies every Sunday at 11:30am.

Junior Soldiers

This is a Bible study, leadership, and the Salvation Army history program for young people ages 7-12. Children meet every Sunday 11:30am.

Our Commanding Officers:

Captains Sherrie and Phillip Stokes