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The work of The Salvation Army has always been focused on nourishing the spirits and the bodies of those whom we have the privilege to serve. Our founder, General William Booth, once observed, “You cannot warm the hearts of people with God’s love if they have an empty stomach and cold feet.” This holistic approach is fundamental to our service.

Among the people in our community that we interact with every day are those who are most vulnerable to the effects of illnesses like COVID-19. Often those with whom we work have limited access to resources such as health care or personal protective equipment (PPE). Throughout the past year, we have taken seriously the need to modify our approaches while continuing to serve those who need us.

Like you, we are hopeful for the day when these precautions are no longer necessary. Until then, we will continue to do all that we can to serve compassionately and safely.

Maria's Story

Parents want nothing more than to provide for their children. Caring for a child often means sacrifice – giving up your own comfort to make sure that your child has everything they need. For Maria, this is particularly true around the holidays.

Maria, an immigrant from Central America, came to the United States because she knew there was no way that she could provide for her family in her home country. To ensure a strong future for her children, she began the arduous process of relocating, thousands of miles from home. She was essentially starting over with nothing, hoping to build the life she dreamed of.

All of Maria’s efforts went towards building her new life and providing for her family. This meant that, at Christmas, finances were extremely tight and that her children may not receive any presents.

“In reality, my Christmases, since I’ve come here to the United States – I’ve not celebrated Christmas with gifts and such,”

Maria is grateful that she was introduced to The Salvation Army. After registering for Christmas assistance programs, her two children experienced the best Christmas they can remember since moving to the United States.

“I believe this is the first Christmas that we’ll be able to celebrate in a big way,” Maria said.

But Maria’s relationship with The Salvation Army did not end after the holidays. She is now a part of a program called The Pathway of Hope – a program that represents a new way of helping those who require The Salvation Army’s services. It’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty by working to strengthen the family in specific ways.

Maria has been working with a Pathway of Hope caseworker who has been tracking Maria’s progress towards several goals. Maria is hopeful that as she continues to work, she will be able to continue to build a better future for her and her family.

What started as a simple opportunity to receive gifts for her children has developed into something with far greater potential.

“I’m looking for a better life. That’s why I came here”. Maria says, committing herself to working with her caseworker at The Salvation Army.

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