The Salvation Army Giving Hope Program

The Salvation Army of Greenville County has partnered with the Greenville County Library System (GCLS) to offer programs of many different varieties. These programs will assist you and your family in obtaining stability and will introduce your family to the many services that the GCLS has to offer.

In order to be eligible for Giving Hope you must attend and complete three (3) GCLS sponsored programs. Attached to this letter is a card that you will have to have stamped by the Library at the completion of each program. Once you have (3) stamps, you are to contact our office to set up a time to come and register for Giving Hope. Children are not allowed at registration.

In addition to the (3) programs you must also be eligible financially for the Giving Hope Program. 
 Medicaid is no longer accepted as eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements are:
o Government Financial Assistance (DSS Household Summary must be provided, nothing else will be accepted), Photo ID of head of household applying.

o Income Eligibility: You will need to provide verification of your income and expenses that you have for a month; we will calculate your eligibility based on what you provide. Photo ID of head of household applying.

When you have completed your (3) GCLS sponsored programs, you are to call our main office at 864-235-4803. You will then receive directions regarding the registration process.

All of the classes offered can be found on the GCLS Website by visiting

The programs offered by GCLS require registration, so please be sure to contact them directly to register for the program that interest you. *No childcare will be provided. Please pay close attention to the rules of each program as specified by the GCLS.

There will be GCLS newsletters located at our 417 Rutherford Street office; these newsletters have all of the upcoming programs and times listed in them. These same newsletters are located at all of the GCLS Branches.

**All GCLS programs must be completed by Sunday, October 15th, 2017 to be eligible for Giving Hope.*** 

If there are any barriers experienced by your family in completing the above criteria, please contact our office at (864) 235-4803 before May 1, 2017.

Greenville Library System Branches and Phone Numbers:

Hughes Main Library: 864-242-5000 | Anderson Road Branch: 864-269-5210 | Augusta Road Branch: 864-277-0161 | Pelham Road Branch: 864-288-6688 Simpsonville Branch: 864-963-9031 | Taylors Branch: 864-268-5955 | Fountain Inn Branch: 864-862-2576 | Greer Branch: 864-877-8722 Mauldin Branch: 864-277-7397 | Berea Branch: 864-246-1695 | Travelers Rest Branch: 864-834-3650

Please refer to any Greenville County Library Branch for specific questions regarding classes.
All of the classes offered can be found on the Greenville Library Systems Website by visiting

Greenville Library System newsletters are located at our 417 Rutherford Street office and at all of the Greenville Library System Branches; these newsletters have all of the upcoming classes and times listed in them.

**All classes must be completed by October 15th, 2017 to be eligible for the Giving Hope Program.***

***The Salvation Army is not responsible for lost stamp cards.***

Christmas Assistance Registration for Pickens and Oconee County residents will remain the same as in past years at this time.

In summary:

The 2017 Christmas Assistance program has changed and is now The Giving Hope Program.
To register for Christmas Toy Assistance, please follow these steps:

1) Receive a Giving Hope Stamp Card.

Recipients of 2016 Christmas Assistance received stamp cards at their toy distribution appointment.
If you have not yet received a punch card, please visit The Salvation Army Area Command Office located at 417 Rutherford Street in Greenville.

2) Visit the Greenville Library System website by visiting to view and register for three (3) classes.

Remember to bring your Giving Hope Stamp Card with you to each class and have a library employee stamp it upon class completion.
Three classes must be completed by October 15th, 2017.

3) When you have taken three (3) classes, call The Salvation Army main office at (864) 235-4803 to schedule your toy assistance registration appointment.

In addition to completion of the three classes, you must also be financially eligible to receive Christmas Assistance. (Please review eligibility requirements above). (All registration appointments will take place at The Salvation Army office this year, not at the TD Convention Center.)