Hope Is On The Way

In 1900, a major hurricane devastated Galveston, Texas. When The Salvation Army's National Commander heard news of the disaster, he sparked the organization's first emergency disaster initiative. Salvation Army officers from all over the country traveled to Galveston to help feed the survivors and offer spiritual support.

Over 100 years have passed since then, and The Salvation Army continues to respond to emergency disasters across the world. The Salvation Army travels ahead of the disaster to meet first responders and stays until we are no longer needed. By providing beverages, meals and emotional care, we seek to do the most good for as many affected by the disaster as possible.

The Salvation Army of Greenville has a Mobile Feeding Unit (similar to a food truck) that deploys to disaster zones and serves meals to those in need. In 2019, our Mobile Feeding Unit and emergency disaster volunteers deployed during Hurricane Dorian. Learn more about how we served during this deployment here and here. In 2020, several of our staff members deployed to serve those affected by Hurricane Delta. Learn more about this deployment here.

Every quarter, The Salvation Army of Pickens and The Salvation Army of Oconee host a joint event called Feed the Need, where you can learn more about Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) and serve your community a meal from our Mobile Feeding Unit. If you are interested in getting involved with EDS further, check out some of the resources below!