Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

The Salvation Army of Greenville's CSRC rehabilitation program is a six-month residential program for men that is centered around spiritual growth. The Salvation Army's distinguishing feature in rehabilitation services continues to remain deeply engrained in its strong belief in spiritual rejuvenation. The CSRC program is designed for the mental, physical and spiritual rehabilitation of the person. The majority of men who come to this center for assistance are having problems in many areas of their lives (i.e., social, medical, spiritual, personal and employment). The common factor for most of these persons is that of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. These services are provided at NO COST. Program participants agree to a six-month residential rehabilitation program designed to deal with their lives and take their rightful place as part of the work force.

Watch Reggie's story here (courtesy of Kylie Odetta).

Men are given an inner strength from their personal relationship with God and many chronic substance abusers have found lasting sobriety and a rewarding lifestyle through Christian living. An important part of the program is work therapy. It brings personal satisfaction and self-worth by becoming productive and contributing to self-sufficiency. The program returns to the community a rehabilitated wage earner who enhances the quality of the community. Program participants also attend individual weekly counseling sessions, personal Bible study, morning devotions, regular weekly worship services and more.

The program is located at 417 Rutherford Street, Greenville, SC, 29609. For more information please call 864.235.4803.