Common Ground T-Shirt

Have you ever thought about the people you cross paths with daily but don't take the time to know? The girl at the coffee shop? The coworker down the hall? The homeless man at the bus stop? If we took the time to truly know these "neighbors" we might end up having a lot more in common with them than we originally thought.

At The Salvation Army we are all about establishing common ground. In fact, we see it every day: A businessman taking a few minutes during his evening workout to play basketball with a teen at the Kroc Center; a group of influential women who spend time teaching soft skills to those residing in the Women & Children's Shelter. When you take the time to think about it, the common ground between us is a gift that God uses to change lives every day. That's the premise behind our "Common Ground" t-shirt. A soft, indigo-blue t-shirt which serves as a small reminder that change in our city begins with the relationships we cultivate.

Use the order form to purchase your Common Ground t-shirt. You can even have it shipped to your door! All proceeds benefit The Salvation Army of Greenville.