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Smiling Faces Are Needed All Year Long

Please remember to volunteer this summer!

Greenville, SC Kroc Center Creating Positive Long-Term Impact

National study quantifies impact of Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers, underscores long-term benefits of community investment.

Awakened Hope

A single mother working tirelessly to provide for her four boys, doing her best to make ends meet and raise her sons right. Yet, despite her best efforts, abuse within the family drove a wedge between the brothers and brokenness took over their family. As Micah grew older and the abuse continued, he learned to bury his feelings of shame and alienation.

A Place Called Tent City: Part 1

This blog series will focus on The Salvation Army’s relationship with the residents of Greenville, SC's Tent City. We hope to show that there is hope for the people living there and that through relationships, real progress can be made.