Recent Stories

Paint the Town Red while Helping Local Women in Need

The third annual Paint the Town Red event raises funds for The Salvation Army's Women's & Children's Refuge.

Fourth Annual Golf Outing Drives Community Support

The Salvation Army of Oconee County coordinates their fourth annual golf outing to help local families in need.

Hunger is Not Simple

When you are struggling to pay your bills after a life changing event and daily life is a roller coaster as you try to get back on track, the need for food can seem frivolous. The Salvation Army is here to help when disaster of any kind hits.

On the Front Lines of Human Need

When our food pantries run low, young children of struggling parents and seniors living on fixed incomes are at risk.

The Power of Church Partners

Each year, local church families work alongside The Salvation Army. Their volunteerism is essential, but more church partnerships are needed through the Be a Shield program.

Awakened Hope

A single mother working tirelessly to provide for her four boys, doing her best to make ends meet and raise her sons right. Yet, despite her best efforts, abuse within the family drove a wedge between the brothers and brokenness took over their family. As Micah grew older and the abuse continued, he learned to bury his feelings of shame and alienation.

Warmth Through Compassion

Friends seeking refuge from the cold find hope, love, help, and compassion.

The Greenville Community Supports Sweet Desserts

Area restaurant and bakery owners partner with The Salvation Army to support Social Ministries programs.

Taylors Family Store to Host Customer Appreciation Sellabration

To show our appreciation for the community’s support the Taylors Family Store will host a Customer Appreciation Event this Saturday.

A Place Called Tent City - Part 2: A Refuge of Hope, Compassionate Options for those in Tent City

A Refuge of Hope—Compassionate Options for those in Tent City. This blog post is the follow-up to the previous post regarding The Salvation Army's relationship with Tent City.