The Good Things

“For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.” 1 Corinthians 14:33 (NIV)

Things have felt out of control around here lately. Every day, something new happens that requires adjustment, increases uncertainty and produces fear. We’ve had a pandemic, a stay-at-home order and even a few tornados. The consequences of these disasters have produced a couple of obstacles, to say the least.

But here is the thing. Here is the truth. This is not the end-all. And right in the middle of the chaos and the storm, there are ripples of God’s love for us as individuals, as a nation and as a world. There are good things right in front of us.

But isn’t it so easy to overlook the good things? We tend to worship the bad things on our news feeds, Facebook timelines and personal conversations.

In making a conscious effort to look for something positive, I am beginning to notice some good things. Are you?

Throughout our counties, states and country, we are responding to a national directive to stay at home and practice social distancing. America has come together and responded in a unified way to a worldwide threat. National response is a good thing, and I am happy to see our neighbors in Pickens County work to keep each other safe.

So even in the midst of these difficult times, here are a few of the good things I’ve noticed:

  • We are checking in on one another. Old friends are checking on me. Family members are calling me. I’m even touching base with mom and pop each day! This is a good thing: concern for one another.
  • We are working together. Social services organizations, health providers, businesses, government agencies, school systems and more are all working together. Plans have been developed for serving our community, and virtual meetings have popped up everywhere. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are all platforms I had never used before. But now, I’ve found myself using them several times a week. Through these platforms, groups are communicating with one another and sharing resources. These digital meetings are helping our community avoid gaps in service and focus resources to our primary objectives. This is a good thing: collaboration and fighting crisis.
  • We are spending time with our family. We are talking with one another. We are sharing meals together again. We are completing puzzles and playing board games. This is a good thing: family interaction.
  • We are grateful for the little things. Current events have taken away a lot of things that I had been taking for granted. All of the sudden, I am grateful for toilet paper! Grateful for the assistance that is available. Grateful for health care providers, first responders, teachers, bus drivers, local businesses and more. This is a good thing: increased gratitude.

I don’t pretend to understand the “why” behind everything that is going on right now. But I didn’t pretend to understand it all before this pandemic, either.

What is important is that I trust God. Our God is a God of peace and a God of order. Things may feel out of control from my perspective, but nothing is out of control with God. He is with us in all things, working for the good.

I am choosing to self-motivate and look for the good things each day. Find things to love, things to laugh about and things to be thankful for every day. I need to stop sharing the negative, and let my voice share good things with my family, friends and neighbors. On Zoom, Teams and Meet, what good is going on today?

In the end, the good things win!

To God be the glory…

Yours in Christ,

Jim Abbott | Pickens County Service Center Director

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