God Is Not Unjust

Meet the newest member of our Salvation Army family in Pickens County! Rev. Georgia Zeigler-Beasley is our newest volunteer and will help us serve others on a weekly basis. Rev. Beasley is currently an associate minister at House of Reconciliation Worship Center in Greenville, SC, and her Pastors are Rev. Reginald and Dr. Regina Campbell.

Just a few weeks ago, Rev. Beasley walked through our doors and told us that she was retired but had a new life goal to continue her ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by volunteering in the community. And now, Rev. Beasley will be our part-time receptionist and Social Services Coordinator at our Service Center in Easley, SC.

At first introduction, we hardly realized the skills she possessed and the gifts from God given her that would help us do the most good in Pickens County.

Rev. Beasley retired after 35 years as an educator from the Teacher Retirement System of Texas on May 31, 2018. She decided to move to Easley to be closer to her son and grandchildren. She has three children, one of which, Christopher Eugene Beasley, has gone home to be with the Lord. Charles Edwards Beasley lives in Easley with his wife Katrina and their three children; Charles and Katrina are both mechanical engineers. Rev. Beasley’s daughter, Cheryl Elerya Beasley, is also a mechanical Engineer as well as a published author and teacher. Rev. Beasley also has another granddaughter and one great grandson.

Degrees Earned

Bachelor of Science in Business Education in 1971

Master of Education in Counseling and Guidance in 1987

Bachelor of Science in Biblical Counseling in 2008


TEA Certified Business Teacher – Life

TEA Certified Professional Counselor – Life

IIFBC Certified Faith-Based Clinical Counselor


Licensed Minister of the Gospel – April 7, 2002 in Orange, TX; Rev. C.W. Crawford, Pastor

Ordained Minister of the Gospel – January 23, 2005 in Orange, TX; Rev. C.W. Crawford, Pastor

We are very excited to have Rev. Beasley with us. Her background is impressive, and her skill set will be a great addition to our family. However, what initially peaked our interest was her spirit. She has a gentle, kind and peaceful influence. She is easy to speak with and very trustworthy. Rev. Beasley is a good fit – creating a safe environment for our neighbors to come and ask for assistance. Someone who will take the time to listen, hear what is being said and speak life into the dark places.

God is not unjust. He will not forget….

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