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Welcoming Debra Andrews as Director of the Oconee Service Center

The Salvation Army of Greenville, SC, announces the hiring of Debra Andrews as the director of the new Salvation Army Oconee Service Center. In June 2018, Majors Grady and Shelly Pearson retired from service with The Salvation Army, beginning The Salvation Army of Oconee’s transition from a corps to a service center.

Andrews brings 20 years of experience in nonprofit work to The Salvation Army. Previously, She has worked with such organizations as the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association and the National Dropout Prevention Center, to name a few. Andrews also has a background in graphic design, drama and teaching. She has lived in Oconee since 1990 and is closely in tune with the needs of the area.

“Between my experience working in nonprofits and living in Oconee, I hope to further the cause of The Salvation Army of Oconee,” Andrews says. “The Oconee Service Center will offer sustainable and holistic social services to those in need, and I am excited to do the most good for the people of Oconee.”

“The Salvation Army of Greenville welcomes Debra Andrews as the Oconee Service Center Director,” says Major Pete Costas, Area Commander of The Salvation Army of Greenville. “We are excited to see how she will guide Oconee’s transition from corps to service center and how she will sustain and grow The Salvation Army of Oconee’s social ministry and outreach services.”

The Oconee Service Center is located on 100 Debra Street, Seneca, SC 29678, and The Salvation Army Family Store is located on 104 Colonial Plaza Drive, Seneca, SC 29678.

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