A Call into Community

What is poverty? Poverty is more than just being poor. It is more than simply not having enough money. Poverty is a lack of resources. Many times, poverty can translate into a loss of hope.

The cost of poverty is high not only for the individual in crisis- it costs the entire community. Taxpayers contribute over $500 billion per year towards poverty-related expenses. These expenses come in the form of welfare, crime, uninsured medical services and loss of business development due to lack of economic mobility within the workforce. This taxpayer burden breaks down to over $40K per adult in poverty in Pickens County.

Fortunately, there are strategies for community development to reduce the expense of poverty. The Salvation Army wants to assist in providing a platform to develop these proven strategies. This report by The Brookings Institution provides great research on reducing barriers to economic inclusion within strategic community development.

The Salvation Army of Pickens County supports the vision of a community initiative to address a full cycle of service required to empower neighbors as they work from poverty to independent living.

We want to do our best in remaining accountable, collaborative, empowering and sustainable in service to our community. Our community goal is to empower household income to a level 200% above the Federal Poverty Guideline.

However, there is an additional objective to The Salvation Army's mission.

We, as an organization, are responding to the call of Jesus Christ. As believers today, we see a broken world happening around us from local levels to national headlines.

In our hearts we know it is our time to repent, stand up and show Christian community; to show love in response to today's suffering, lack of grace and lack of compassion. These broken times are not going away and in our souls we know this is the calling for the Church to rise and be the Church. If the Church does not step up in the face of today's world, who will? We can make a difference as a community responding together, through the love of Christ.

The Salvation Army of Pickens County wants to become the platform for a community addressing poverty-related barriers to healthy community development. We believe we can be guided by the Holy Spirit to surround others in a community of love.

We are asking for your resources, your volunteer hours and your prayer. If you are interested in helping with any of these, please email me at Jim.Abbott@uss.salvationarmy.org.

The Salvation Army is committed to moving the community of Pickens forward. We strive to confront crisis and poverty related issues while showing the love of Christ in the process.

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