Capital Campaign


Dear Friends of The Salvation Army,

I know how busy we are in life, so we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to consider the future of The Salvation Army here in Pitt County.

Often, those in troubling circumstances feel adrift without an anchor; they long for a safe harbor. For thousands of people in Pitt County, The Salvation Army has become refuge from the storms that they encounter. In navigating the waters of increasing need, The Salvation Army has a vision to strengthen our ability to be a harbor of hope. Every day, we encounter those who need help in our community. A mother comes to us for help with her utility bill after receiving a cut-off notice. A hungry family eats breakfast with us when they simply cannot afford to buy it for themselves. Two brothers spend the evening playing with positive friends rather than being at home alone.

For much of the past 85 years, we have faithfully served from the same humble location. We have been able
to miraculously expand our services through the ongoing generosity of our community and our reliance on the
Lord. However, our current location that has served as the harbor of hope for many is now limiting the impact
we can make.

Today, the reality is that needs are increasing. Currently, more than 24% of our neighbors are living in poverty.
The youth of our community need positive role models. More families are facing challenges related to
unemployment and hunger. Without expanding our capacity, we face the prospect of having individuals walk
away from us without having their needs met. Meeting human needs is why we exist.
Many in Pitt County come to us for hope, and we want to be sure they find it here.

It is my hope and prayer that you will consider partnering with us as we continue to be the "Harbor of Hope"
for our neighbors, the citizens of Pitt County.

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