Meet Maranda: Maranda's story of one with grief, loss, and dealing with life's unexpected turns. Listen as she pours out her heart and how working with The Salvation Army of Greensboro's Center of Hope Welcome Home program gave her the freedom and independence to regain so much of what she lost.

Part 1: Becoming Homeless

Part 2: At The Breaking Point

Part 3: Becoming Humble

Part 4: My First Reaction

Part 5: Becoming Healed

Part 6: The Future

Part 7: Coming Home

Story Snippet: Maranda and feeling hopeless

Additional Upcoming Stories of Change:

Story Snippet: Angel

Story Snippet: Leroy

Schedule of Release Dates:
(All dates subject to change)

September 2019:

Stories of Change: Maranda, Parts 1-7

Stories of Promise: Nori

Stories of Hope: Michaela

Stories of Life: Leslie

October 2019:

10/6/19 10AM - Stories of Promise, Ekin

10/14/19 10AM - Stories of Change: Angel

November 2019:

11/4/19 10AM - Stories of Change: Leroy