Christmas Assistance

We encourage those who need assistance this holiday to follow us on Facebook and review our website regularly for details beginning in late August each year for information about Christmas assistance.

Our goal is to identify and help the neediest families in Greensboro and we collaborate with area social service agencies and the school system to refer those families into our Christmas Assistance Program.

Things to bring to the partner social service office: Children's birth certificate, only a parent/guardian who is listed on the birth certificate may register the children, income documentation, expense documentation (budget / copy of bills), children's wish list (note: we do not register children's clothing, if you need clothing for your children you can receive a voucher for free clothing - click here for more information).

Gift Pick Up: It is important that the person who registered the children for assistance pick up the gifts. This individual is the only authorized person to pick up the gifts - only rare exceptions are allowed. It is critically important you keep your pick-up card issued to you.

For additional details / questions please contact us at 336.273.5572