Serving Chatham County

Organized in 1984, The Salvation Army Chatham County Service Unit is operated by a professional staff member with the support of local residents who volunteer their time and energy to extend Salvation Army services to our community in dire need.  Thousands of lives are touched by The Salvation Army Chatham County Service Unit each year. 

The history of The Salvation Army began in 1865, when founder William Booth set up Christian Mission Centers.  The name “The Salvation Army” was adopted in 1878, and the organization began to grow, and continues to work where the need is greatest, all motivated by its faith in God and the love of people.

Our purpose is to assistance residents of Chatham County who are in need of assistance, whether financially or any other unforeseen emergency.

The Salvation Army exists to meet human need.  The Chatham County Service Unit stands ready to assist people of every race and creed-swiftly, with kindness and understanding.  We are neighbors helping neighbors. 

Emergency Assistance-supplying medicine and assisting with rent and utilities for needs residents faces with dire circumstances.

Food, Clothing and Lodging-providing assistance to local families and individuals facing temporary financial difficulty due to job loss, illness, fire or other disaster.

Seasonal Assistance-providing food, toys, gifts, clothing and cheer to needy children and adults during the Christmas holidays.  

Transient Assistance-furnishing lodging, transportation, meals and related assistance for non-residents as needed.  

League of Mercy Kits-supplying basic toiletry items for shut-ins, prisoners, shelter residents and disaster victims.  

Camperships-affording children and senior adults the opportunity to attend The Salvation Army’s residential camp near Denton, NC, for a time for spiritual growth, fellowship and recreation.  

 If you are in need of assistance please contact our Pittsboro Office at 200 Sanford Rd. Suite 1,  Pittsboro, NC 27312 - (919)542-1593 or our Siler City Office at 606 E. Third Street, Siler City, NC 27344 (919)663-0443.