Providing Tradition

Thanksgiving is full of tradition. What is your treasured tradition? Turkey, green bean casserole, Grandma’s dessert or some non-descript Jell-O concoction?

These full lists of traditions are reserved for some. For others, the oversized and over stuffed turkey and all the sides are merely advertisements of something they might not otherwise be able to partake of without outside assistance.

Throughout our community thousands of people experience food insecurity, or as we like to say hunger. This hunger is the typical Thanksgiving tradition for over 91,560 Guilford County residents. Hunger limits concentration, creates social and behavioral problems and forces irreconcilable choices between paying for heat or purchasing food. Which would you choose?

With numbers like these, Crescent Rotarians have been taking a stand against hunger at Thanksgiving for several years. Each year these local Rotarians team up with The Salvation Army of Greensboro to ensure that every child at the Boys & Girls Clubs experience a traditional Thanksgiving. Keeping with tradition a full Thanksgiving meal was brought to the Boys & Girls Club last week and was nothing short of plentiful. These meals answer the call of a rumbling bellies, serve as an incredible example of Rotary addressing a need year after year without being called upon, and establishes traditions for our youth that will last for generations to come.

It is in this season that Crescent Rotarians prove that “a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world” (Margaret Mead) …. They are filling the bellies of children, planting seeds of hope for their future and providing tradition. Thank you Crescent Rotary for putting ‘Service Above Self’ and Doing The Most Good.

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