Angel Tree Impacts 3,000 Kids

One of the values we are often taught as a kid is, “It’s better to give than to receive.” Growing up, that thought process tends to be blurred by the overwhelming amount of commercials surrounded around the idea of toys, Santa Claus, and well, more toys. No longer is it better to give; it seems as though it is better to receive. Or, so we think. However, the reality is, when you do good for others it benefits you far more than any gift could.

Each Christmas season, our Angel Tree program affords folks the opportunity to return to that old saying they may have heard as a child. For weeks, we have been collecting a countless number of toys to distribute to children from all around the Greensboro area. This act brought us back to the ultimate feeling that giving does feel better than receiving. Why? Here’s the reason. On December 16th, Christmas was made bright for 3,000 kids in Greensboro who might not have normally had a Christmas. In total, 1,000 bikes were given away, 15,000 toys were given away, 1,200 families impacted, and over 100 volunteers worked to make Angel Tree a success. This is what it means to give. This is what it means to #DoTheMostGood.

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