4 Ways $81,000 Will Impact the Fight Against Homelessness

check presentation


Reverend Mike Aiken presented a check today from the Rev. Mike Fund for the Homeless to Major Don Vick and The Salvation Army of Greensboro for $81,000.

The Reverend Mike Fund for the Homeless supports efforts to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness in Guilford County by providing financial assistance to move the homeless into their own homes. The fund was established by friends of Rev. Mike Aiken when he retired from Greensboro Urban Ministries after serving 30 years as Executive Director.

The money will be used to continue The Salvation Army’s fight against homelessness. Here’s how it will make an impact:

  1. It will help families and individuals with housing related services or obtaining permanent housing and case management that may not qualify under current programs.

  2. It will help with follow up services that are provided once a family or individual moves into a new home.

  3. It will assist veterans who may not qualify for the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program and help the Center of Hope reach the goal of ending Veteran Homelessness in 2016.H

  4. It will help with applications, rent deposits and utility assistance of clients moving in subsidized housing; all things not currently paid for by restricted funding.

“We are honored and humbled to be the recipient of this funding,” said Major Don Vick, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army of Greensboro.  “Reverend Mike Aiken is passionate about his commitment to end homelessness in this community.  This money will allow us to reach additional families and individuals who may not qualify for current programs.” 

“As Chair of Partners Ending Homelessness, I really appreciate what The Salvation Army is doing with their work with veterans and their help with those who are homeless,” said Reverend Mike Aiken.

The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope provides safe shelter for men, women and families. The goal is for each to find stability and move into a home of their own. Job readiness and skills training are offered along with life skills like financial literacy, parenting and nutrition.  The Crisis Assistance Program focuses on prevention by providing help with past-due utilities, rent, clothing, food, transportation and mortgage assistance.

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