Meet the Two Boomers Beyond Expectations

Fred and Edwin


If you stop by The Salvation Army’s Worship Center on any given Tuesday morning, you’ll hear the Fellowship Hall bustling with noise.  There, you will find more than 50 senior citizens gathered for fellowship and fun.  It’s all part of The Salvation Army’s Boomer’s and Beyond program.

For the past ten years, 96 year-old Edwin Hash, and 91 year-old Fred Wampler have been meeting with others their age to play a few rounds of bingo, stretch their legs with a little exercise, and open their Bibles and hearts for devotions. Before the morning is over, they will all gather to talk over lunch.

This weekly tradition began when a Salvation Army officer came to Edwin and Fred’s Kiwanis meeting looking for a few volunteers to help with a program The Salvation Army was starting for seniors.  The two raised their hands and have been faithfully coming every Tuesday for 10 years.

Edwin and Fred have been doing much more than just coming for the food and fellowship.  Their help each week has been a cornerstone to the program.  They greet people when they arrive, making sure they are welcome.  When the morning is over, they balance the receipt book with the lunch donations.  

Now 10 years later, Fred and Edwin are retiring from the program.  Fred is needing to spend more time at home to take care of his wife, and Edwin is having a harder time getting around.   While Boomers and Beyond will continue, Fred and Edwin will be missed dearly.  We are grateful not only for their participation in Boomers and Beyond, but also for their volunteer support of the program. They have been a blessing to The Salvation Army of Greensboro and to other non-profits. 

Boomers and Beyond meets every Tuesday at 9am at The Salvation Army Corps, located at 821 S. Aycock Street in Greensboro.  The meetings are free and open to all seniors.

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Fred retired in 1986 from the Pentagon where he was a Navy Budget Analyst. 



Edwin retired after 37 years with Dillard Paper where he worked in sales.