Celebrating 150 Years!

Dancing in the ParkThey danced, they sang, and everyone celebrated the 150th Anniversary of The Salvation Army in Greensboro’s City Center Park on Saturday.  Salvation Army Commands and Corps from all around the Triad came to join in the historical commemoration.

Music was center stage with several bands performing including, Transmission, a worship band based out of Atlanta.  Also performing was Triad Brass, a local 20 piece Salvation Army brass band.

Kernersville Singing Company

The kids captured the hearts of the crowd. The Kernersville Kinging Company didn’t miss a note with their performance.  This group came in 2nd place last year in a Salvation Army Divisional singing competition.

Greensboro Youth Corps

The Greensboro Youth Corps sang and played their instruments for the audience.  The group of eight to twelve year-olds meet once a week and had been eagerly awaiting Saturday’s performance. It was before their largest audience to date. 

In 1865, a Minister by the name of William Booth, decided to take his message to the streets of London so that he could better reach the poor, homeless and hungry. Now, 150 years later, his ministry is living on in 126 countries around the world. Here in Greensboro, we served more than 20,600 people last year through a variety of programs. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate on Saturday, and thank you to everyone who continues to support the program and services that The Salvation Army of Greensboro provides for community.


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Booths at event

Kids line up to get free bibles at one booth set up at the event.


Major Allison


Winston-Salem Area Commander James Allison held an old fashioned Salvation Army open air meeting from the stage.