Meet the People Changing Lives in Greensboro

Rose and RoseLast week we joined other nonprofits from around the country to celebrate National Volunteer Week. Each day we shared the stories of people who dedicate their time, talents, and energy to making a difference through their volunteer work with The Salvation Army of Greensboro. 

We met people like Gerald Hammond. Gerald was once a resident at The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope after finding himself homeless.  Today he’s giving back by volunteering more than 30 hours a week at the shelter, despite finding himself in a tough situation again.

We were inspired by the unstoppable force of Paula Trivette who after working 12 hours on the overnight shift as a nurse, heads to The Salvation Army of Greensboro’s Family Store two or three times a week to volunteer.

Rose Howell and Rose Langley touched our hearts with the generosity of their time during the Christmas season.   We also love their nicknames, “Rosebud” and “Rose Petal”.

The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club members and staff let us know how grateful they are to have Peter Gauthier. Peter works one on one with students who need extra help with their homework. The time he spends with the club members allows him to be more than just a tutor, he’s an emotional resource as well.

We met the woman who spends her Friday nights with the homeless.  Darlene Jackson volunteers with The Salvation Army of Greensboro’s NightWatch ministry and shared her passion for those without a home.

There is no doubt Darlene is touching the lives of others.  We received so many responses to her story. Here are just a few:

“Such a Godly woman, with much compassion for all who have less than we do. Thank you Darlene for introducing me to your passion and mission to serve these dear sweet people. You have changed my life and taught me how to "Give God's Love"! Love YOU!”

“Her heart and passion to love and care for our homeless friends is admirable and inspiring. We should all strive to follow her lead when it comes to serving those in need in our community.  Anybody who knows Darlene knows she doesn't serve to be recognized publicly, but I am thrilled to see that she is being honored and appreciated for all she has done and continues to do with the Salvation Army of Greensboro's NightWatch ministry. God bless you and your family, Darlene.”

Finally, we met the 60 community representatives who make up our Advisory Board and Boys and Girls Club Council.  They provide valuable advice and assistance to the staff of The Salvation Army of Greensboro.

Volunteers are an often invisible — but central — force for good in our community.  We hope that we were able to shed a light on some of the people who make it possible for The Salvation Army Greensboro to provide shelter to those in need, food for the hungry, Boys and Girls Clubs to the community, as well as other programs and services.  They are the “army behind the Army” and we are grateful to have their help and support.

To learn more about the volunteer opportunities available at The Salvation Army of Greensboro, click here.

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