60 People That Are Vital to The Salvation Army of Greensboro

Greensboro Salvation Army Advisory Board 2014 Christmas PartyAll week we’ve celebrated National Volunteer Week by sharing the stories of the people who inspire us by their desire to make a difference in our community.  We’ve been moved by the generosity of their time and support.  We are grateful for each and every volunteer who helps the programs and services of The Salvation Army of Greensboro. 

There is another “Army” of support that often goes unnoticed -- our Advisory Board and the Boys and Girls Club Council.  These volunteers are community representatives who provide valuable assistance and advice to the staff of The Salvation Army of Greensboro

We recognize the career collateral, education, expertise, experience and influence they bring to us. We rely heavily on our board members’ advice, community outreach, and their ability to financially and prayerfully support the programs that are “Doing the Most Good” for those in the most need.

As members, they share the needs of the community with The Salvation Army and in turn represent The Salvation Army of Greensboro’s purpose and programs to the community.  They also support our mission to “preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in His name without discrimination”.  

Their time, talent and dedication are just a few of the reasons why we want to thank them this National Volunteer Week.  We are honored and grateful to celebrate the multitude of gifts that each one brings to The Salvation Army of Greensboro.  Thank you for your service!

The Salvation Army of Greensboro Advisory Board

Ted Barnett

William Black

Lynn Buchanan

Steve Carlson

Odell Cleveland

Michael L. Diamond

Michael W. Durant

David Egerton

LaDaniel Gatling II

David Grimes

Jay Harris

Flemming Johnson

Michael T. Johnson

Robert Johnston

Steve Joyce Jr.

Dupont Kirven

Teresa L. Kropira

Keith Luther

Neill McNeill

Charles Melvin

Robert Meyer

Mona O’Bryant

Britt Preyer

Royce Reynolds

Ann Robinson

Annette Rollins

Wayne Scott

Brad Semon

Mac Sims

Brian Sowers

Brian Stark

Wanda Starnes

Jay Talavera

Gene Tillman

Judy Wicker

Chris Wilson



W. Mente Benjamin

Bernard Gutterman

Steve Joyce

Liz Reinecke

John Snider

Peter Vanstory


The Salvation Army of Greensboro Boys & Girls Club Advisory Council

Tony Brancazio

Kaylah Breuchel

Bill Burling

Chris Edwards

Kathi Fogleman

Kellye Gordon

Angel Guerrero

Jarvis Harris

John Hatcher

Mike Ledford

Kelvin Macklin

Bob Pitts


Traci Poole

Nishaka Proctor

John Schamberger

Kent Simmons

Brian Stark

Lee Staton


Steven Thomas



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