Character Counts

FOX8's Melissa Painter with Club Members

Our Boys and Girls club members are making great strides academically, but they won’t get very far in life if they don’t know how to get along and conduct themselves.  That’s why Character and Leadership are core programs at the Boys and Girls Club.

I had the great opportunity to witness the great character of our club members firsthand yesterday.  Five kids in 2nd and 3rd grade gathered around a table with FOX8’s Melissa Painter to test out a product called “Squishy Sand”.  The story will be featured on FOX8’s “Deal or Dud” segment. 

I had arranged the gathering and was there to just watch and take a few pictures, but seeing the club members interact with each other was amazing.  They were polite, well-mannered, and never once was there argument about who got to do what.  I wish my kids got along this well.  While I know they may have been on their best behavior with guests around, I was genuinely impressed.

They played with the Squish Sand, got creative and made different shapes.  The moment that made my afternoon was when one of the kids asked if she could have more sand.  Before anyone could say anything, one of the boys offered up some of his sand and gave it to her.  Her face lit up with excitement.   She was now able to build the sand castle she was imagining.  The generosity and kindness I saw, touched me and the few other adults in the room.  It’s a true testament to the great character of our boys and girls club members.

You can see our kids for yourself, watch them in action, and find out if “Squish Sand” is a “Deal or Dud”.  Their story will air Tuesday, March 31st at 5pm on FOX8.

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