Greensboro Club Kids are Making the Grade!

With this week being Boys & Girls Clubs of America week, we want to celebrate the academic success of our club members.  They are achieving great strides in their schools and we are proud!  Many of our club members are out-performing their peers in their schools, in the Guilford County schools and across the state.  The facts are impressive! 


Not only are our club members earning good grades, they are making it on the honor roll.  At our Smith Homes location, 50% of the club members are on the honor roll, 42% of club members from Hickory Trails, and 41% of the club members at our Central Unit made the list this past grading period. 

To better understand how remarkable this is, you need to understand a little more about our club members and the difficult situations they face at home.   More than 80% are part of families living well below the poverty line and are a part of a single parent family, at best.   We say at best because some are not even living with mom or dad, they are living with grandma or even someone else. 

So, hats off to these remarkable young men and women, who faced with some tough circumstances, are rising above.  #Greatfutures start here!

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