Stories you will hear:

Meet Leslie: Hear Leslie's story and how being a recent graduate was connected with The Salvation Army of Greensboro's Corps programs. Throughout the next years and onward, Leslie tells her story of connecting with "The Littles" and planting seeds to "Grow, learn, & inspire

Meet Michaela: Michaela is a recent graduate and for the past three years has worked through and with Greensboro's Boys and Girls club. As a shy young lady, hear how Michaela connected with Ms Mary, and for three years connected with the volunteers and staff here in Greensboro!

Here is an extended trailer of Michaela's story - watch for her entire story airing this September!

Meet Maranda: Maranda's story of one with grief, loss, and dealing with life's unexpected turns. Listen as she pours out her heart and how working with The Salvation Army of Greensboro's Center of Hope Welcome Home program gave her the freedom and independence to regain so much of what she lost.

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