Salvation Army News

Giving Back in a Time of Need

Gerald Hammond spends more than 30 hours a week at The Salvation Army of Greensboro’s Center of Hope giving back. It’s a place he knows quite well. It was his home for a time back in 2009 after reaching the end of his rope, and finding himself homeless.

Easter Baskets Filled With Love

The Easter baskets filled with candy, jump ropes, stuffed animals and other spring treats lined the sidewalk on a sunny afternoon. There were 325 of them in all and no two of them were alike. Each one of them had been filled with care by an employee of AT&T’s volunteer group, the Pioneers.

Character Counts

Our Boys and Girls club members are making great strides academically, but they won’t get very far in life if they don’t know how to get along and conduct themselves. That’s why Character and Leadership are core programs at the Boys and Girls Club.

Greensboro Club Kids are Making the Grade!

With this week being Boys & Girls Clubs of America week, we want to celebrate the academic success of our club members. They are achieving great strides in their schools and we are proud!