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For nearly 150 years The Salvation Army has relied on the generosity of supporters just like you to help fulfill our mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination. We are so grateful for your ever-reliable support. It has enabled us to have a powerful impact on our community over the past year.

We believe in this community, and will continuously strive to improve the well-being of those that live here. We will continue to offer life-changing programs that improve their lives. We will continue to be focused on being a trusted source of help and compassion.

The stories and statistics in this report only begin to communicate the real impact that your support represents on a daily basis. When you drop money in our Red Kettles, when you visit our website to contribute, when you volunteer at one of our local programs, or when you share the story of The Salvation Army with your friends and family, you continue to help transform the lives of your neighbors who are in the greatest need.

The success of the army is rooted in our faith and supporters. It is our prayer that you will continue to help us change the lives of those that we serve with your time, talent and treasure.

Lt. Christopher and Tabitha Wallace

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Diondra's Story

Diondra's Portrait

Only a few years ago, Diondra would not have said that a rewarding career was anywhere in her future. She was a dedicated student who paid attention, worked hard, and completed her assignments. Despite her efforts, though, she struggled in some areas – Math, in particular. She continued to work hard but became more deeply frustrated when her grades did not seem to match her effort.

"My math was really bad," she said. "I couldn't understand anything that the teacher was telling us."

Diondra began to wonder about what this would mean for her future. Like so many in her situation, she worried about her prospects for attending college and finding employment. Determined to succeed, she began to look for help.

Luckily, The Salvation Army was able to provide the help that she needed. At The Salvation Army’s Afterschool Reading and Math program, the teachers worked closely with her, giving her the extra attention that she needed to comprehend the skills and concepts she had previously not understood. She participated in the program for two years and after receiving her high school diploma, went on to pursue an associate’s degree from a local college. More than just educators, Diondra says that the teachers were truly concerned about her success and often provided support in other ways as well. Sometimes they helped with difficult decisions. Sometimes they just listened as Diondra talked about her struggles.

"They were more than teachers," she said. "They helped me with life decisions – they were always there for us."

The Salvation Army’s Afterschool Reading and Math Program began with two teachers and six students. Now, in its fourteenth year, the program has expanded to thirty students and six experienced educators. The goal of the program is to coach middle school students who are struggling in the classroom and have fallen behind. Students participate in two-hour sessions, free-of-charge, that begin promptly as school ends. The staff is intentional about creating an environment for learning that as warm and caring as it is structured. Most of the 400 students who have gotten help in the program are still in school or have received high school diplomas, are working or attending college or serving in the military.

Today, Diondra works as a chiropractor’s assistant in Myrtle Beach, S.C. She has enrolled in school to expand on her associate’s degree in order to advance her career. Ever determined, she also works part-time at a local department store in order to help pay for her education. She continues to thank The Salvation Army for the caring attention that she received as a student; it has helped her to succeed.

Janet's Story

Janet knows the joy of giving to others. During the Christmas season, Janet loved being able to support The Salvation Army by donating gifts to the Angel Tree program and volunteering to ring. She was blessed to be able to see the smiles on her own children’s faces on Christmas morning and always felt compelled to do what she could to help other families.

People don’t realize that The Salvation Army isn’t just outside at Christmas time with the little bells asking for money, they are a 24-7, 365-day organization."

Janet learned this lesson in the most significant way.

After a recent doctors appointment, it was determined that Janet’s kidneys were not functioning as they should. Around the same time, her husband and the granddaughter under her care both required expensive medications for their own unexpected medical concerns. Very quickly, the cost of providing care to her family became overwhelming.

"All a sudden, all these medical bills and prescriptions came in and took over our financials."

Though she had never had to ask for help before, she was running out of options. Janet contacted The Salvation Army to see if there was anything they could do.

I was a little nervous because I’ve never asked for assistance before. I didn’t know what to expect or what I should do but the lady at the front desk was wonderful. She made it easy and very stress free. I didn’t feel like I was treated like I was needy or anything like that, except, they just understood that things happen in life.

The Salvation Army worked with Janet’s family to provide for their basic needs during this time of crisis. Janet received far more than assistance with food and utility bills; she received the blessing of a peace of mind that her family was going to be OK.

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