What We Do 

The Salvation Army provides a variety of services to our local communities. With facilities throughout Cumberland, Robeson, Hoke, and Moore counties, we are able to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those in need. From housing and feeding programs to disaster services we are committed to meeting human needs in the diverse communities we serve.


Programs and Services

League of Mercy

League of mercy CrestGuarding the lives of the forgotten often includes the elderly and ill in the community. The League of Mercy visits local hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions. Many nursing homes and institutions are visited monthly, which impacts hundreds of people and during the Christmas season, visits increase and gifts are distributed. For patients who are alone and shut-in and for prisoners who are locked away, the League of Mercy offers a beacon of light to the outside, which eases the suffering at least for a while. The League of Mercy is only one of many programs offered by The Salvation Army soldiers and volunteers. Volunteers are a vital part of ministry and with their support, the Army can successfully connect with those in need living in our communities.

Christmas Programs

Animated Kettle

The Salvation Army Christmas Program is designed so that every child, the young, the old, those in nursing homes, and those in correctional institutions, have a gift during the Christmas Season. Through collaboration of agencies and the generosity of the community, programs which include; the Angel Tree program, Christmas Kettles, and the Bill Shaw Fund through The Fayetteville Observer, allow the whole community to participate in sharing Christmas with others.

Emergency Shelter

The Salvation Army's Shelter in Fayetteville can assist up to 75 people per night, giving temporary shelter and counseling to those in need. Through the Shelter, The Salvation Army is reaching out to people like Arthur, a shelter resident: "I prayed for God to take my life because of my addiction, but instead he guided me to The Salvation Army. The Army helped put God back into my life and taught me how to develop relationships with people I didn't think I could be close with." The shelter continues to fulfill its purpose of providing rest for the weary with no questions asked.

Emergency Services

Everyday there are people faced with the fear of not meeting their bills who genuinely try to budget money, but somehow a child gets sick or other unexpected expenses arise. When income falls short of the budget, many may not have anywhere to turn. Where will the next meal come from and how will the kids be clothed?

Salvation Army Emergency Services Department helps by distributing emergency funding through an energy rebate program and utility funds for crisis situations.

Disaster Relief Services

Emergency Disaster Services ShieldWhen major disasters strike, they can affect thousands of people at one time while small disasters may not be as publicized but are equally devastating to those involved. The Salvation Army creates a comfort zone that surrounds the disaster site...assisting victims and emergency workers. On call, there are a fleet of vehicles ready to mobilize to the site, including a self generated mobile feeding canteen. To enhance our ability to expedite relief assistance, we also have a limited radio communication system complete with personnel to assist in on-site communications. This fully equipped unit is on stand-by and ready to respond immediately to any emergency, i.e., fires, air disasters, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes etc. These units are supplied with food, clothing, blankets and medical supplies, which provide assistance to emergency workers and victims.

Step-Up Semi Independent Living

This program was created to help homeless men reduce their public dependency while helping them to succeed in personal goals. It provides counseling, classes, life skills training, and helps them obtain necessary lodging until they can become self-sufficient.

Community Center

The Salvation Army Community Center emphasizes positive, healthy experiences for at risk youth. We have adopted a three-point focus: Education, Recreation & Sports, and Families. The Community Center provides after-school care for many low income residents. Tuition is based on guardian income. These children are taught stress, character, and leadership development, education, life skills, creativity, fitness and recreation. Resources available to our staff and children include a gym, recreation area, and computer lab equipped with high speed internet service.

Feeding Program

Love Lunch logoEvery day harried businessmen and women rush to appointments, run errands, or grab a bite to eat before heading back to the office; their lives a maze of "to do" lists and busy routines. For folks facing tough times, however, 12 noon may signify a bright spot in days otherwise clouded by worry over late bills or limited job prospects. Everyday, caring hands of volunteers carefully prepare The Salvation Army's "Love Lunch" with just such recipients in mind. As many as 120 individuals benefit daily from a hot mid-day meal at The Salvation Army Alexander Street location in Fayetteville.

The Salvation Army now also provides a hot meal to the public at 5pm daily. 365 days per year, The Salvation Army feeds those in need in our community. Fifty meals per day are also sent out to those in need in Hope Mills through The Alms House.

An average total for one day is over 300 meals through The Salvation Army Feeding Program.

Kids 2 Kamp Summer Camping Experience

Kids 2 Kamp LogoAnnual summer camping opportunities are provided at The Salvation Army Camp Walter Johnson in Davidson County, N.C. This camping experience is more than just a pleasant vacation. Children learn new skills and self-reliance. Trained counselors are on hand who understand their emotional needs and problems. Day camping is made available locally. Children receive shirts, back packs, hygiene kits, and workbooks to make their experience complete and memorable. Kids to Kamp, together we can make a difference.


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