Volunteer at the Angel Tree Warehouse and Angel Tree table at Cross Creek Mall

Bring joy to children this Christmas! Our Angel Tree program helps children up to 12 years old and seniors ages 65+ who would otherwise not receive anything for Christmas. Each child's or senior's name is on a tag, along with their wish list for Christmas. The Angel Tree in Cross Creek Mall has dozens of tags hanging on the tree, waiting to be adopted by loving people who will shop for gifts for the children or the seniors.

We need volunteers help with our Angel Tree Warehouse and table this Holiday season!

Sign up to work in the Angel Tree Warehouse: https://volunteersignup.org/X3EJC

Please dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes!

What do you do when you volunteer at the Angel Tree?

  • Answer questions about how the Angel Tree program works (don't worry - we'll provide all the information you need to answer questions!)
  • Answer questions about the information on each Angel Tree tag
  • Ensure that gifts that are returned for the children are labeled properly (using labeling materials we provide)
  • Replenish Angel Tree tags on the tree when they get low
  • Ring the bell to generate donations into the red kettle when you have some free time

Who can volunteer at the Angel Tree table?

  • You must be at least 15 or older years old
  • You may bring children who are 8 years old or older with you
  • School groups can volunteer

What should I wear?

  • Christmas is a festive season! Feel free to wear holiday-themed shirts, hats, and accessories. We will provide you with a Salvation Army apron to help you represent The Salvation Army brand.
  • It's a good idea to wear comfortable shoes, as you may stand for long periods of time
  • Please refrain from wearing shirts or hats with controversial messages or images

How long are the time slots?

  • Each time slot is anywhere from 2 hours long
  • You may sign up for multiple time slots if you or your group would like to volunteer for a longer amount of time

How do I sign up to volunteer?

The link to sign up for volunteering will be available November 18, 2019.