2019 Christmas Assistance Registration begins September 23

September 23, 25, 26 and October 17, 19 and 21

Senior Day September 24

Each year, thousands of families in Cumberland and surrounding counties are unable to provide Christmas gifts for their children and senior parents or grandparents. These parents work hard and find ways to make ends meet, but Christmas gifts under the tree is out of their reach financially.

If you are one of those families, if you need assistance this year to help put a smile on your children's faces this Christmas morning, don't wait or delay! Mark your calendars to remind you to register for The Salvation Army's Christmas Assistance Program, also known as the Angel Tree Program.

Who Can Apply

Parents/Guardians of children whose ages are from birth to 12 years old

(as of December 25, 2019) who meet income guidelines

Seniors age 65+ (as of December 25, 2019) who meet income guidelines

Only 1 application per household; covers all children/seniors in household.

Where to Apply

Pathway of Hope Shelter

245 Alexander Street

When to Apply

Monday (Sept 23) 9am-3pm

Tuesday (Sept 24) 9am-12pm

Wednesday (Sept 25) 9am-3pm

Thursday (Sept 26) 9am-3pm

Thursday (Oct 17) 9am-3pm

Saturday(Oct. 19) 9am-3pm

Monday (Oct 21) 9am-3pm

What to Bring?

Please bring all required documents with you to avoid delays in submitting your application

· Proof of Address

(Lease agreement or utility bill with current address)

· Current (not expired) photo identification for ALL ADULTS in the household

(Driver’s License, State-issued photo ID, Military ID)

· Proof of birthdates for ALL CHILDREN 0-12

(Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, School ID)

· Proof of ALL HOUSEHOLD INCOME from at least the past month

(Includes ALL of the following: pay stubs, food stamp award letter and/or a print out of all assistance through DSS, Social Security, SSI, child support payments and any other income received)

· Proof of EXPENSES
(Including: Bills, Childcare, Student loans and any other payments)

*Plan to spend about one hour to complete your application.
Depending on the time of day, your wait may exceed 1 hour.*

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