Moore County: Rhonda's Story - A Job Restores Hope to a Hurting Family

By: Dana Fierro and Stacey Prevette

New Job Ahead

Rhonda is the kind of woman one would meet and know she was a good-hearted person; genuinely kind. She visited the Moore County Salvation Army Service Center in mid-July to receive assistance with her electric bill.

Unable to find work for two and a half years, she was struggling to provide for her 11 children.  “I tried but no one would call me,” she said, “I don’t know why they wouldn’t call me.”

Struggling financially was hard for Rhonda.  There were times when the family did not know where their next meal would come from or how they would pay the water bill.  In the hopelessness of it all, it looked as if things could not get any worse.  Then one of Ronda’s daughters passed away at a young age.

When Rhonda walked through the doors of the Moore County Salvation Army, she was at the end of her rope. “I thought my life would never get better,” Rhonda remembered, “that hurt me to the core.”

The Salvation Army caseworker did something that no one had done in a long time.  She listened.  She heard Rhonda’s plea for help and empathized with the plight of her children.  Then she began to connect Rhonda with different resources in the community and was able to provide financial assistance to help with her electric bill.

Towards the end of the assessment, the caseworker encouraged Rhonda to seek work.  She then printed out a flyer with contact information for a prospective employer whom had partnered with The Salvation Army, offering to provide jobs to qualified applicants.  Rhonda walked out of the building with the flyer in her hands.  A seed of hope was beginning to sprout in her heart.

The next morning, the phone rang at The Salvation Army office.  The caseworker answered the call, and Rhonda’s voice, exploding with excitement and joy, reverberated through the phone line. "I start my new job on Monday!” she exclaimed breathlessly.  “I called the place right away, I applied in person, and they interviewed and hired me! I'm a full time employee, and I start Monday! "

The caseworker was thrilled, and celebrated with Rhonda over the phone.  "I couldn't believe my ears! Only three business hours had passed since I handed her the flyer,” the caseworker stated, “but I knew the power of faith and believed in our higher power who was working through her."

Rhonda and her children are now experiencing a new life and renewed hope in the future.  "God is good,” she gushed.  “The doors have opened. I am so blessed. God has changed our life, and now I can buy school supplies for my 11 children.  There are a lot of them, and I couldn't afford it before.”

To The Salvation Army, she says “Thank you, thank you for all that you did.  Praise God, I am free now and I can support my family. The Salvation Army changed my life.” 


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