Leaving a Legacy

By: Jessica Chapman, Regional Planned Giving Director, The Salvation Army and Stacey Prevette

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Johnny, a longtime supporter and volunteer of The Salvation Army, lived his life by one motto: “He profits most who serves best.”  This wise word motivated Johnny in everything he did.  

Johnny had been blessed with mentors who helped him achieve success in the textile industry and co-owning a business.  But Johnny's life had not always been that rosy.  He grew up poor and didn’t have the means to receive a higher education on his own.  Through the sacrifices of the people who helped him succeed, Johnny learned about the importance of helping people and giving back. As he grew older, the desire to help others grew stonger.  

Johnny wanted to leave a legacy.  After considering all of his options, he decided to remember a Baptist University, Hospice and The Salvation Army in his long term plans.   Through careful planning, conversations with The Salvation Army and an attorney, Johnny was able to establish gifts in his estate plans that would impact future generations.

Johnny felt confident in remembering The Salvation Army in his plans, saying “I know that my money won’t be wasted. It’ll go where it’s supposed to go – to serve others”.

Having one’s long term plans in order goes far beyond the actual intention of the gift. In order to remember your loved ones and even your favorite charity, it’s important to visit an attorney who will draft your wishes in a legal document. Without a Will or a Trust, which are the legal documents needed to disburse your assets, the state will divide your estate as they see fit. Your wishes and the state laws may not always match.

The Salvation Army offers estate planning services at no cost and no obligation to make a gift. We can help you realize your goals with careful and thoughtful planning. Please contact Jessica Chapman at 800-254-0229 or Jessica.Chapman@uss.salvationarmy.org.

The Salvation Army does not offer legal or financial advice and encourages you to consult an attorney or financial adviser for your situation.

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