Pathway of Hope is an approach to providing targeted services to families with a desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and enable a path out of intergenerational poverty. It is rooted in a case management approach, focusing on client needs through a strength-based lens. By positively influencing the lives of parents, the Salvation Army can create better living conditions for children. Influencing children in their development years is crucial: the longer a child is in poverty, the greater the chance he or she will remain in poverty as an adult. Children who are in poverty for more than half of their childhood are 32x more likely to be in poverty as an adult. Over time, helping families achieve stability could reduce the dependence of future generations on Salvation Army services.

The goal of our Pathway of Hope program is to guide families and walk with them as they achieve the goals they set for themselves. We believe that people can be empowered to succeed, and we are blessed to be on that journey with them.

Through the Pathway of Hope, The Salvation Army will make a lasting difference in reducing intergenerational poverty across the United States, transforming the lives of 100,000 families by 2030 by increasing HOPE and STABILITY.

Since enrolling in the Pathway of Hope program:

100% of our clients have gained employment.

1 client has purchased a house.

1 client has started working toward a degree full-time, with a full scholarship covered by The Salvation Army of Durham.

3 clients have applied for Habitat for Humanity housing with a referral from our case manager.

3 clients have updated their resumes.

2 clients have received clothing and food assistance.

Want to enroll? Clients must:

  • Be a family with children.
  • Demonstrate that they are willing to work toward changing their lives.
  • Have barriers and goals that can be served through our Corps and/or community.
  • Be in the preparation stage or higher in the "Stages of Change" model - meaning they are ready to take action.
  • Call our Social Services team for more information: 919.313.3382.