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Where does the money raised in the red kettles go, and how is it used?

The Salvation Army of Durham raises funds to support our local services. There is no national fund raising in The Salvation Army. Funds raised in each community are dedicated to best serve the people in that community who are recovering from many kinds of personal disasters.

What types of services might that be?

Christmas services include toys for needy children, food for the family, clothing, and small practical gifts for shut-ins. Throughout the year The Salvation Army of Durham provides specific programs to aid the poor and needy such as food, emergency and transitional shelter funds, job training, financial assistance, day care and after school care, youth recreation and development programs.

Who can volunteer to help with the Red Kettle campaign?

Nearly anyone! Individuals; Groups (corporate, church, school, university, civic, work, neighborhood); Friends; Children (with adult supervision). We do not allow people to volunteer for us who have certain legal convictions or have been identified by police/law as a threat to children.

How does the process of signing up work?

Once you have signed up online, a contact person with the local Salvation Army office will be in contact with you and will outline the procedures. Remember that in most cases our bell ringing term begins in early November and ends on Christmas Eve. We do not ring bells on Sundays.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with the Kettle?

There will be a paper on your kettle stand with the contact information for our Kettle Coordinator.

What time do I arrive in advance of my appointment?

Please be on site ready to ring bells at least 10 minutes prior to your assigned time. In some cases, our kettle driver will call you and let you know if that time needs to change.

Is there a dress code for the times when I am Ringing the Bell?

As an official bell ringer for The Salvation Army, you will be given a beautiful(!), stylish(!!!) red apron that says "volunteer" on the front. We want people to know you are with us. And you will be given a bell to ring, of course!

Can my time Ringing the Bell count towards Court-Ordered Community Service?

YES! Make sure the Volunteer Coordinator knows that you are attempting to complete court-ordered community service and they will make sure you are set up to do so. Unfortunately, larceny/theft charges will not be permitted to ring the kettle.

Can I sign up a group of people?

OF COURSE! We love groups, and so do donors! Bring your friends, family, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, coworkers, clique, well-behaved dogs, cute little kiddos, the list goes on! Just make sure you let the volunteer coordinator know that you'll be ringing as a group!

Why is the Red Kettle campaign so important?

The Red Kettle Campaign is most important to the people we serve. More than 6 million individuals are served every year during the Christmas season and more than 32 million people are served by The Salvation Army on an annual basis. The money raised during Christmas certainly helps the most needy in those communities where we serve, not only at Christmas but throughout the year.

How many bell ringers do you have?

We have 30+ locations across Durham, Orange, and Person counties. This means we need 30+ volunteers per shift, per day, Monday-Saturday. If we met such a goal, that would rock! 1 volunteer hour is worth $24.12. Do you know how much money we save by having volunteers help us with this project? I'll tell you...a lot! Keep in mind that when we do not have volunteers sign up, we hire temporary bell ringers from the community. This definitely takes limits our fundraising efforts.

Is the need greater this year than before?

The needs are always great. There are more than 37 million Americans living in poverty consistently in this country. Obviously our mission is to serve suffering humanity everywhere and there continues to be millions who can’t get by if not for the support of The Salvation Army. With the public’s generosity and support of our annual red kettle campaign we will continue to reach out in love and compassion for as many people as we can.