10 [Real] New Year's Resolutions To Help Your Community

10 New Year's Resolutions that will allow you to give something specific back to the community you live in.

The 12 Days of Kettles

The 12 Days of Sharing our #RedKettleReason.

10 Reasons You Should Volunteer To Be A Bell Ringer This Christmas

Happy Christmas in July!! Christmas is already being discussed and planned for in Corps across the country. There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into the many programs The Salvation Army…

Donut Day Flashback

Last year marked one of the first years The Salvation Army Durham|Orange|Person Counties celebrated Donut Day. The VA hospital and The Salvation Army partnered up with 35 dozen donuts to celebrate the…

Celebrating Volunteers with Cabot and DurhamCares

The Salvation Army of Durham|Orange|Person Counties has been working closely with DurhamCares on a number of projects with the focus of promoting mentorship and educating the community on the importance…