Christmas Kettles

It’s that time of year again!

When you hear the bells ringing, you know that Christmas is coming. You may see one of our kettle-ringers standing outside your favorite store, ringing the bell with a smile on their face. But why? Why do we do this each year? I promise, it’s not to annoy you ;)

Dropping money in a kettle is a unique and easy way to partner with The Salvation Army of Durham, Orange, and Person counties. With $.80 of every $1 going to fuel programming and assistance programs, you can rest assured that your donation is going a long way. Programs like:

  • The rental and utility assistance program, that works to keep families together and in their homes.
  • The Boys & Girls Club, which provides tutoring, mentorship, athletics, and more during the school year and summer months.
  • Our Free Food Friday program, that gives fresh groceries to anyone in need, once a week.
  • Pathway of Hope, a program that walks with families as they overcome obstacles in their lives and achieve goals like obtaining a GED, housing, jobs, and more.

You see, when you give to The Salvation Army during the Christmas season, you are doing so much more than just dropping a few coins in the red kettle. You are providing for your neighbor, you are helping your friends in need, and you are serving your community.

According to, the value of one volunteer hour is $23.41. So when you volunteer with us, you’re doing so much more than just ringing the bell. You are saving our organization hundreds and thousands of dollars, just by giving your time.

Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up to serve, donate to our online red kettle today, and we look forward to seeing you around Durham, Orange, and Person counties throughout the Christmas season!

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