The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Goes to Duke!

This year, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club was given the unique opportunity to participate in a tutoring program at Duke University. It's been a blast so far!

Monday-Thursday, The Club shuttles over a group of 6th-8th graders to meet their mentors and tutors at the Duke University School of Education. We share the same hope with Duke that our students will leave this year with a renewed passion for learning and reading.

Whether it is homework help or test prep, we want to ensure that our Club members are receiving the help they need. With only 1 teacher to every 21.4 students in grades 3-8*, we know that each student is not able to get the attention they may need when it comes to schoolwork. Close to 40% of students are still scoring at Level 1 on End of Grade Testing each year*.

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Durham serves a largely at-risk population. Statistically, at-risk youth are less likely to transition successfully into adulthood.* The Club has looked at those statistics and decided to combat dropout rates and illiteracy in Durham. In 2017, 15 high school students graduated from The Club and went to college, either on full or partial scholarship for academics or athletics. This is a blessing and a testament to the solid programming at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club. We could not do this without community partners like Duke University School of Education.

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