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What is the Red Kettle?

Way back in 1891, the Red Kettle began as a brass urn in California, with a Salvation Army officer collecting donations in order to provie Christmas dinner for 1,000 community members in need. in 1897, this same officer continued his efforts and raised money for 150,000 dinners. Today the Red Kettles around our nation raise more than $144 million each year, but the funds go much further than a warm Christmas meal. Read more about the history of the Red Kettle here.

Why Give to the Red Kettle?

When you donate money to a Red Kettle, you aren't just giving the change from your pockets. You are contributing to change in your community. You are funding programs that Give Hope to people in need.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry offers assistance to ensure that every family has a meal on their table. No matter the season, our pantry doors are always open. Because of this, we need funding and donations to keep it going. The Red Kettle allows us to give much needed funding to our pantry so that we can continue to provide food to those in need.

Rent/Utility Assistance

Some of us have never faced the fear of power being cut off, or eviction from our homes. However, many people have. Thanks to generous donations, The Salvation Army is able to work with families who face the these threats and provide some comfort during uncertain times.

After-School and Summer Care

Our Boys & Girls Club charges each member just $10 a year for world-class after-school programming. Children are guaranteed a safe place after school, Monday-Friday, where they can do homework, receive one-on-one tutoring, mentorship, and participate in athletics. Providing this affordable care for our kids is only possible because of your generosity. During the summer, we care for the children in our community for just $50 a week. Monday-Friday, we continue providing a safe, fun environment for our Club kids to grow and thrive. With almost weekly field trips and continued tutoring programming, we ensure that these kids have opportunities they would not have otherwise, and it's all thanks to you.

Why Volunteer with the Red Kettle?

When you volunteer as a bell ringer for the Red Kettle, you are the one directing these donations. You are the one who is bringing in money to support our food pantry, social services, and Boys & Girls Club. You are helping us help the community. By ringing the Red Kettle, you are giving your comunity the ability to donate the much needed funds that will allow us to keep our doors open. You see, the mission of The Salvation Army is to Do The Most Good in our community. We rely on the community coming together to accomplish this mission. We need you to accomplish this mission. We need you, to Give Hope.

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