Durham PD Visits Boys & Girls Club

I think we can all agree that reading/watching the news these days can be a scary thing. In light of the recent attacks all across the country, our Boys & Girls Club decided to take matters into their own hands. With the help of the Durham Police Department and Captain Mock, we are aiming to "Heal the Gap" between the community and police forces. 

Three days a week, policemen and women from District 1 stop by our Boys & Girls Club to visit with our members. These visits include playing basketball, checkers, and just hanging out! Our goal with this program is to increase positive police interaction. Some of our Club members have never had positive experiences with police; they only see them on the news, or hear about them from friends/family. 

Captain Mock of the Durham PD was more than excited to jump on board with this program. When the police come by our Club, they are not greeted with fear. They are immediately invited to join the pickup basketball games with our kids. Keep up with our Facebook page, here, to see pics from these visits!

Our Boys & Girls Club kids are not the only ones benefitting from these visits. Our local police force is getting a chance to get to know their community on a personal level, and we are glad to help that process. We believe that these efforts are necessary in order to end the divide among community and police. 

With National Night Out happening on August 2, these police visits could not be more timely! We will be hosting "National Night Out: Beat the Heat!" From 5:00PM-7:00PM on August 2, our Boys & Girls Club will have a water-themed party to celebrate positive police interaction, and it's open to the public! We will be serving free hotdogs and popsicles, and selling some other goodies as well. Come join us, play some fun water games, and get to know our local police force. We hope to see you all there!


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