City Project Takes Over The Salvation Army of Durham!

We are so excited to spend the month of June getting to know students from City Project, a program started by Summit Church in Durham.

City Project is a 2-Month, all intensive discipleship and missional experience where students serve locally, nationally, and internationally. City Project includes 1 week in NYC, 5 weeks in Durham, and 2 weeks overseas. Students learn to apply the gospel to every aspect of life and how to make disciples who make disciples.

During their 5 weeks in Durham, the students are serving all over the community. In fact, we have students serving at our Family Thrift Store and our Boys & Girls Club as I type this post! We have only had them for a short time, and will only have them for a short time (sadly) but these students have brought so much life and joy to our staff!

Our Family Thrift Store has been overflowing with donations as "Spring Cleaning" happens and college students go home for the summer. Thanks to City Project, we have over 10 students volunteering in our Store every week, Monday-Thursday. 

Our Boys & Girls Club kicked off Summer Camp (TODAY!)  and is going to be in good hands with six students coming every day to help as counselors, program instructors, and mentors for these young kids.

We are so thankful for this amazing partnership we have with City Project and Summit Church. Thank you for helping us Do The Most Good!


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